Committee Structure

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Committee Job Descriptions




Agrees agenda items and chairs committee meetings and the AGM.

Works with members to shape a development plan for the club.

Represents the club at external meetings.

Ensures committee members satisfactorily complete their assigned tasks.

Liaises with treasurer to ensure funds are spent properly and in the best interest of the members.


Assists the Chairperson in running the club.

Attends meetings where the Chair is unable to attend.

Ensures good communication with Netball organisations and local Media

Works with the members to shape a development plan for the club.

Membership & General Secretary*

Is responsible for preparing and sending out the agenda for committee meetings.

Keeps minutes of the meeting and details actions to be performed by committee members.

Is the main point of contact for people inside and outside the club.

Attends league meetings with the Chair or Vice Chair.

Responsible for registering junior and senior players at the start of the season.

Maintains the paperwork for all members including HLNC membership forms, member’s details and constitution.

Registers any new players in the year.

Organises the club Annual General Meeting.


Maintains the accounts and keeps them up to date so that the current position is known.

Prepares annual budget and compare actual and understands reasons for variances.

Safeguarding Officer*

Policy and Procedures

Provides information and advice on safeguarding and protecting children within the Club and promote a child focused approach.

Ensures that the Club adopts and follows the England Netball (EN) Safeguarding and Protecting Young People Policy and Procedures.

Ensures that all club members are made aware of and clearly informed about the role of the Safeguarding Officer and knows how to contact them for advice, support and resources.

Promotes awareness of the EN Codes of Conduct and to support the implementation of safe recruitment and induction procedures within the club.


To receive information from Club staff, volunteers, children or parents and carers who have any concerns relating to the welfare of children and young people and to maintain appropriate records.

To clarify any information received carefully, ensuring that this is referred on promptly to enable assessment to be undertaken, and support offered, by the EN Lead Child Protection Officer.

To follow the EN Responding and Reporting Concerns flow chart.

To ensure that the referral is confirmed in writing using the EN Safeguarding and Protecting Children Report Form.

Education and Training

Advises the club on appropriate training for coaches and volunteers based on the EN recommended training requirements.

To signpost those with roles and responsibilities for children and young people to appropriate safeguarding training opportunities.

Juniors Representative*

An under 18 member of the club. The voice of the juniors on the committee.

Responsible for maintaining the juniors page on face book.

Attend junior training.

Coaching Manager*

The voice of the coaches on the committee.

Responsible for collating feedback and presenting it to the other coaches as well as amending coaching as necessary.

Responsible for ensuring there is a coaching plan in place for the season.

Ensures the safety of the facilities used for training.

Maintain records of all qualified club coaches.

Performance Manager*

Creates a performance pathway for HLNC to follow to achieve set targets.

Aims at raising the standard of play, coaching and umpiring within HLNC.

To put in place a progression plan for juniors through Satellite and Regional pathways.

Fixtures & Umpires Secretary*

Organises Saturday and any mid-week fixtures.

Ensures appropriate level umpire provided for all C&W games.

Sponsorship & Grants Officer*

The ‘go to’ person to express interest in ventures which require cash injection (such as coaching courses).

Receives communication about possible funding opportunities.

Responsible for a plan for sponsorship as well as liaising with possible sponsors.

Juniors Coaching Representative


Coordinates coaching of the junior section and entry to the C&WNA Junior League.

Abides by and promote the club’s child protection and safeguarding policy.

Back to Netball Coaching Representative


Creates a pathway for new players to participate in competitive netball suitable to their abilities.

Ensures a progression plan for juniors into senior netball.

Attendance at any external Coaching seminars/courses.

Communications Officer

Collate match reports from captains and submit to local papers on a weekly basis during the season.

Creator of the HLNC newsletter and distribute to members.

Send out information to members via email and social media.

Website Manager

Oversees and maintains the website.

Website Development Officer

Responsible for project managing the development and organising any outside assistance.

Development officer

Responsible for collating data for CAPS submissions and awards.

Pass on information to the club in regards to compliance with Clubmark standard.

Guide the club in the changes necessary to comply with best practice as laid out by England netball and other regulatory bodies.

Tournaments Officer

Ultimately responsible for all tournaments throughout the season.

Be the point of liaison for those carrying out the organising of the tournaments. Organiser of the annual Beth’s Tournament.

Events Officer

Responsible for organising events throughout the year; Christmas meal and presentation evening. To seek assistance as required in organising.

Facilities Manager


Responsibility as the main point of contact for bookings from other netball Clubs and third parties for hire of the courts.

Responsible for court maintenance, equipment, teams’ kit, and other stock.

*At a minimum those with an asterix by their name are in attendance at every committee meeting with others invited as required or where they have matters to raise.