2018 Kit Forum Night

A kit forum night will be held from 7:30-8:30 pm on 25th July at our courts/the Rugby Club (depending on weather and availability) for those who need kit.

Anyone wanting kit but cannot make this date must contact Emily Harrison on facilities@hinckleyladiesnetballclub.com by the 25th July.

2018 Club Forum


The club forum night will be held on Wednesday 22nd August, 7:30 – 9:00pm. Location TBC


2018/19 season teams/ squads

A huge congratulations to everyone who trialed for the 2018-19 season. A big thank you to Bex Oldfield and Lynda Sanders for selecting this year. The teams/squads for the 2018/19 season are as follows:
Carole Payne
Carmen Whitaker
Jessica Rainbow
Nicola Sanders
Holly Hemsley
Ash Oaks
Bex Oldfield
Kate Chamberlain
Emma Draycott

Anna Poulsen
Emily Harrison
Steph Morton
Annis Pears
Nicole Wallace
Caron Ogden
Rebecca Kenney
Lucy Masser

Fran Tomassoni
Lucy Marsden
Darcey Arrowsmith
Elizabeth Newman
Susan Ley
Jess Pickering
Leanne Evans
Jo Oaks

Zoe Stokes
Chloe Phillips
Katie Phillips
Jade Isaac
Heather Fraser
Helen Vause
Dasia Wheatley
Anita King
Fiona Bassett
Super Subs:
Imogen Banton
Lucy Ibbetson

If anyone has any queries about trials and the teams selected, please message/speak to Holly Hemsley or Lucy Masser, not the selectors. For anyone who’s name that does not appear in the above list and trialed, we are hoping to enter a team into a Thursday night league for you all to play some competitive netball in.
The club forum night is to be held on Wednesday 22nd August 7:30 – 9:00pm. Location TBC

All players must attend!

HLNC 2018/19 Trials Information and Registration

It’s that time of year again! Trials!

Hinckley Ladies Netball Trials will be held in June and July.

The dates and times are:

Wednesday 13 June

Saturday 23 June

Wednesday 27 June

Saturday 7 July

Times to be confirmed.

More info about each session will be communicated nearer the time, this is to hopefully cut the waiting around time for everyone.

We want less pressure on individuals to perform on the trial evening, so we are taking multiple factors into consideration.

Firstly, your attendance to training and matches has been logged, work commitments. Injury and family issues cannot be avoided and has been noted so please do not worry too much.

This year’s Captains will be asked to recap over how the teams worked, positives and negatives and possible future hurdles. This is will give a insight into players before the trials making it a much smoother, process and hopefully not shaking everyone’s nerves too much.

Thirdly, please make sure you fill out the trials form, as much and as honestly as you can.

Any questions please ask either your captain, or a member of the committee.

Thank you



Due to the adverse weather we are cancelling tonight’s training session. Apologies – but the Beast from the East has got the better of us!

Junior Training cancelled – 28 February


Calling all new JUNIOR recruits…

Juniors Poster 2017 2018

Hinckley Ladies Presentation evening – 2017

Thank you to everyone who helped support our annual presentation evening, the D Team raffle, The Rugby Club and of course our members. Below is the low down on who won the awards on the night!

Player of the Season

A Team – Ashleigh Oakes

B Team – Denise Ibbetson

C Team – Emily Harrison

D Team – Holly Hemsley

E Team – Liz Newman, Anna Poulson and Heather Fraser

F Team – Katie Eaves

G Team – Verity Skelton

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2017-18 HLNC Teams

A Team

Nicola Coulson

Kate Chamberlain

Anna Kinsella

Bex Oldfield

Ash Oakes

Carmen Whitaker

Jess Rainbow

Carole Payne


B Team

Emma Draycott

Jess Pickering

Nicole Wallace

Caron Ogdon

Liz Newman

Holly Hemsley

Lynda Sanders

Beth Willers


C Team

Jo Oakes

Annis Pears

Beck Kenney

Lucy Masser

Sue Ley

Darcey Arrowsmith

Emily Harrison


D Team

Ella Wilkinson

Heather Fraser

Ede Roche

Anita King

Helen Vause

Milly Hemus

Anna Poulson

Zoe Stokes


E Team

Jade Isaac

Steph Morton

Anna Ball

Amy Saunders

Lucy Connolley

Emily Lawrie

Wallis Newitt

Claire Mawson

Lucy Ibbetson

Katie Eaves


Super Sub – Gemma Braga