Fancy being an umpire?

If you are interested in being an umpire, progressing your umpiring future, or just want some support please contact Carole Payne who is able to help and support you.

What are your aims as am umpire? If you need help getting to the next stage Carole is on hand to provide the support you need or put you in contact with someone that can, i.e. enrolling on a course, taking a bleep test, getting you the level of games you require, organising assessments etc.

Testing for higher awards has recently changed, to qualify as a C award umpire or higher, you will now need to take a bleep test, attend a course, sit a written exam and pass 2 practicals. But do not be afraid, Rebecca will be there for you as a mentor and is more than happy to help any umpire that wants it. There is a whole world of support out there and we just need to tap into it.

Our Umpires


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Carole Payne

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