Match Reports

9th October 2021

Hinckley A were away on Saturday against a tough opposition Offchurch, fighting for top places in the table. Hinckley worked hard, making interceptions all across the court and feeding some beautiful passes into the attack, who were fending off Offchurch’s tough defence. The score throughout the game remained close right up until the end, where Offchurch took the win 41-38. Player of the match went to Korede Akintoye for her superb defence throughout the game.

Hinckley B team were at home today against Stockton C team. Determined to secure a win this week Hinckley started off positive despite trailing by a few goals. At interval time team talk tactics motivated the team to drive hard onto the ball and chase any turnovers made. Stockton defence were relentless against Carole Payne and Lucy Marsden but patient play and pin point feeds into the circle by centre court pulled back a few goals. Hinckley defence stayed tight and communicated tirelessly to overturn attacking passes with some well time outer-arm interceptions. B team fought to the final whistle but it just wasn’t to be today, losing 36-42. Beth Thurairajah takes POM for a third week in a row for her constant effort in centre court.

Hinckley Ladies C team game was against Coventry North Warwickshire this week. It wasa tough contest with both teams starting strong. Hinckley fought hard and after the first quarter the scores were all square at 4 all. This game was to end with a low score. At half time Hinckley saw themselves at 9 and nothing within the two teams. With great all around play from both teams CNW took a lead of two goals after the first quarter. Hinckley’s defence were working hard to give as much opportunity as possible to our attack end, who were under pressure with every shot. It was a close game and whilst Hinckley fought to the end and did not give up, the final score was 22-24 in favour of the opposition. Chloe Phillips earnt POM for her excellent shooting and attacking play.

Hinckley E team played at Kingsley Playing Fields for their first away match, against Warwick Ladies A team. It was a competitive game with Warwick leading all the way through. Hinckley E continued to push and had a good overall game. An injury to Hinckley E’s centre meant a switch up off positions in the 2nd quarter. Despite the loss, Hinckley were able to take plenty of positives with it highlighting several things to work on as a team. The score finished 49-13 and POM went to Holly Pryor who stepped into a new position of Centre following Hinckley’s injury.

9th October 2021

Hinckley A took to the court on Saturday, still on a high after the previous weeks win and eager to play. It was a tight first quarter, which left Hinckley trailing by only 2 goals against their opposition, Jets. However, some calm and clinical play from Hinckley saw them take the lead in the second quarter and maintain it for the remainder of the game. Hinckley A won 34-28 and player of the match was awarded to defender Korede Akintoye, for her brilliant ability to read the game and make countless interceptions.

Hinckley B got off to a great start against Griff winning the first quarter. Griff then stepped up their game and after a tight second quarter the scores were close. Hinckley’s defensive duo worked tirelessly, continuously adding pressure on the Griff attack. Even with some sharp shooting Hinckley lost by one goal in the dying minutes of the game. POM went to Beth Thurairajah.

HLNC D team started their match against Ernesford E full of Energy and a sunny disposition to match the surprisingly sunny weather. However, after 2 injuries forcing D team to carry on with 6, the writing was on the wall. A few switch ups for fresh legs in centre court and defence made some difference but D team still finished with a loss of 44-20. Player of the match was Tara Janda for her versatility and willingness to step outside her comfort zone into GD.

A strong first quarter for Hinckley E this week with an even score, Ernesford F broke away in the second quarter to lead by 12 goals goaling into half time. Good pressure from the defence and the ball consistently working well in the centre third ensured a relatively even score in the third quarter. However, even with Hinckley’s strong team effort in the last quarter, they couldn’t do enough to close-down on Ernesford’s lead. POM went to Lead Webster.

A newly formed Hinckley F team went into Saturday’s game full of confidence after last week’s win. They were met by an organised and physical Ernesford G side and had a hard-fought battle throughout the game. Hinckley got off to a slow start, but the second quarter showed far better play and this was reflective in the score. However, a 3 goal third quarter left Hinckley with too much to do and despite a tied fourth quarter Hinckley F were too far behind – final score 22-48. POM went to both Katie Talbot & Becky Hamilton.

2nd October 2021

Hinckley A took to the courts for their first game of the season on Saturday, and boy was it a nail biter! After being in the lead by 2 goals at quarter time, by half time Hinckley had fallen behind and were losing by 7 goals to a tough Henley opposition. After a tactical change in attack & a tireless defence, Hinckley secured a win in the last few seconds of the game 43-42. Player of the match was awarded to GS Holly Hemsley.

With a new line up for this season and great versality, Hinckley B got off to a great start. CP and Georgia had confidence and precision shooting and driving the passes and feeds into the shooters we had Lucy who was a constant support with accurate passes. The communication from Lynda and Karen saw a strong defence working tirelessly with Caron and Beth T in our centre court (Beth T earning POM). Bethany W had an awesome impact in defence coming on with fresh legs and ensuring Hinckley B secured a great first win 49-31.

Hinckley C took on Harbury B with a great start to the season in very wet conditions. Harbury fought well throughout despite only having 6 players and Hinckley utilised this in the attacking third. The game finished 45-28 to Hinckley, player of the match was GA Chloe Phillips.

The D team had lots of friendly faces at their first match of the season, not only plenty of spectators but also the opposition – HLNC E team! It was great to be back on court today albeit a strange first fixture against our own club. With the D team starting off slowly it ensured the first half was a very closely fought contest with some great passages of play from the E team from connections that had been worked on in friendlies and training. The E team went into the third quarter with lots of confidence but at this point the D team had settled into their stronger positions and combinations and were able to capitalise on both forced and unforced errors from the E team to finish with a comfortable 33-16 win. POM for the D team was Anna Clayden at GD and Harriet Richley for the E’s (WA).

Despite a soggy start for all, Hinckley F team began their first match of the season strongly and this set the tone for the whole match. Despite the team feeling like they were tiring the lead remained solid throughout the whole match. Katie T (POM) played solidly at GK restricting Bedworth’s shooting possibilities, and there were some great interceptions from our other defenders in Eboni and Donna. With the consistent scoring from our shooters, Suzanne & Anita, and Susie commanding the centre court, Hinckley F were able to take the game 38-26.