Bronze CAPS

Hinckley Ladies Netball Club are proud to share that we have CAPS Bronze Accreditation, which was awarded to us in November 2013. We are working towards our Silver accreditation; a piece of work that is being led by our Development Officer, Laura Benz.

Background Information

CAPS is the Club Action Planning Scheme.

CAPS is aligned to the Sport England Club mark accreditation scheme, which is the only national cross sports quality accreditation scheme for clubs with junior sections. It is built around a set of core criteria that ensure that accredited clubs operate to a set of consistent, accepted and adopted minimum operating standards.

Clubs achieving this accreditation are recognised nationally as having a well run club which is active and accessible. This means getting the best out of young people and giving everyone a sporting chance.

CAPS has three levels of accreditation; Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Bronze CAPS is the first level, incorporating the Clubmark criteria and covers the area of safeguarding and protecting children, quality coaching and officiating, equal opportunities and good management. Bronze must ne achieved before Silver and Gold.

Silver and Gold CAPS is about demonstrating further quality across the area of coaching, officiating, and developing volunteers. Clubs achieving Silver or Gold are demonstrating that they have met the minimum operating standards required for Clubmark but have also demonstrated a further commitment to ensuring a club environment which provides a higher quality of coaching, leadership and volunteering opportunities for young people.

CAPS: Supporting Documents

Click the link below for access to the documents supporting Hinckley Ladies’ submission for CAPS accreditation.

Supporting Documents

All of these documents are issued to players on registration. However, these can be downloaded to read for new players. If downloaded as a new player, please download a copy of the sign off form as well and return to Development Officer, Laura Benz.


What is a Safeguarding Officer?

England Netball is firmly committed to ensure that all young people can play netball in a safe and positive environment and have their welfare protected from poor practice, abuse and bullying. To this end, England Netball has implemented a specific Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy.

England Netball expects that every affiliated Club has a Club Safeguarding Officer who is responsible for acting as a central source of advice about Safeguarding issues and Club Best Practice. They should promote Safeguarding within the Club and be a person who all Junior members can go to and talk about any issues, not just netball.

Who is our Safeguarding Officer?

The Hinckley Ladies Netball Club Safeguarding Officer is Holly Hemsley. Should you have any issues, problems, concerns with anything at netball, Holly is the one to go to, to chat to in total confidence.

Please find Holly’s contact details below:

Be Safe 3