HLNC COVID Guidelines

HLNC COVID Guidelines

Whilst we are excited to return to netball, Hinckley Ladies have been busy ensuring that we do this in the safest manner possible for all our players and supporters. The club will be putting into place clear rules and safety procedures and so we expect all players/ visitors to our court to follow these. Please have a read through the below information to see what procedures we have put into place, and as always, if you have any questions please speak to a member of your committee.

Please do not attend training/ matches if: you are ill; have been in contact with anyone whose tested positive and/ or had symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days; or if you are displaying any signs of COVID-19, namely a cough, high temperature or a loss of your sense of smell and/ or hearing.

What’s the summary?

Check out our video that highlights just some of the key procedures we have in place – then keep reading for the full list!

What to expect?

On arrival at the courts:

  • Complete a temperature check (conducted by a member of our committee)
  • Fill out our track & trace form (this can be completed on a mobile device)
  • Sanitise your hands before entering the courts (we will provide hand sanitiser, but to reduce the sharing of bottles we strongly encourage you to bring your own).
  • We will no longer be accepting cash payments, so payments should be made via bank transfer (see our payments page for more information).

During the session:

  • During all non-match play activity (e.g. warm ups; fitness drills; socialising; demonstrations etc.) players should stay 4ft apart.
  • You should not share water bottles or bibs with another player (you must bring your own water bottle and we will provide enough bibs)
  • Balls should be cleaned every 15 minutes during use (sanitising equipment will be provided and players will be reminded)

After the session:

  • Sanitise your hands (and any personal equipment – e.g. if you have bought your own ball)
  • Follow our one way exit out of the court 2 gate
  • Leave venue promptly
  • If you have used a ball/ bib/ other equipment, leave these in the dedicated zones to be sanitised before we put them away
  • If you begin to display any symptoms of COVID-19, please let a member of the committee know ASAP so we can utilise the Track & Trace system.


Latest England Netball Guidelines

The roadmap:


The risk mitigation protocols:

England Netball outline of COVID Stage 4A Protocols

The match rule modifications:

We will be going over the rules in training, however as a summary please see below:

  • During all ‘idle play‘ (e.g. at the start of play; if the ball is at the opposite end of the court to yourself; if time has been called; when getting back for a centre pass), players should keep 4ft apart.
  • 4ft marking (equivalent to 1.2 metres, and so an increase of 0.2m to ‘normal’)
  • 4ft positioning of penalised players (opposed to standing right next to your player)
  • Removal of toss ups
  • You can still come within 1 metre of your player when you are both moving, e.g. to go for an interception
  • Face to face marking within 4ft should be avoided, and players are instead encouraged to mark ‘side on’, or to attempt interceptions by running onto the ball.
  • Shooters are discouraged from ‘stepping in‘ to take a shot

Who is our COVID officer?

Our COVID officer is Emma Draycott (whose also our vice Chair, so we are keeping her busy!). If you have any COVID questions then Emma will be happy to answer these.

HLNC COVID Risk Assessment

A specific risk assessment for COVID-19 has been conducted by our COVID officer Emma Draycott. If you wish to view this, please see this here:

HLNC Covid -Stage-4-risk-assessment

If you wish to view our ‘normal’ courts risk assessment (note this does not include COVID), please see this here:

HLNC Risk Assessment

What safety equipment have we got?

As a club, we have invested into a number of different safety equipment and procedures to help keep us safe. Here’s just a few of the items we will have:

  • Hand sanitiser
  • Ball & equipment sanitiser
  • Temperature check thermometers (scan your temperature from a distance)
  • A ‘Track & Trace’ system
  • One way signs (entrance and exit)
  • Social distancing reminder signs
  • Hand sanitising reminder signs
  • Additional soap and paper towels for the toilets
  • Additional bibs to avoid the need for sharing
  • Additional balls to avoid the need for sharing
  • Masks & gloves (to wear whilst e.g. sanitising equipment or giving first aid – you do not have to wear these whilst playing)
  • Marker pens (as a ‘back up’ to write positions on arms!)
  • Hand held whistles
  • A marked out ‘waiting area’

If there is anything further that would make you feel more comfortable then please let us know.

We hope these rules are clear. If you have any queries or concerns about our COVID practices, please contact our COVID officer and vice chair (Emma).

COVID officer/ vice chair: vicechair@hinckleyladiesnetball.com

Chair: chair@hinckleyladiesnetball.com